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I am Jesus Arredondo, I have been working in the IT area for almost 7 years, all this time I have been working in the information security area, and I have found out the in many areas of IT and even in other domains the skills of programming are valued. I hold a CIT degree from the State University of Aguascalientes in Mexico, and all these years I have seen how people out of the IT area has gotten more and more interested in programming.

I came in contact with programming and programing languages for the first time when I was 17 years old and from that time I knew I liked computers, in my experience I can tell you that programming is like any other skill you have to actually program and keep doing it consistently to be able to be good at it. At first I felt like many of you when I started to learn about programing languages. I did not know what my friends and teacher in college were talking about, but as the time came by I saw the beauty of programming.

Right now I am back in school studying web design and development. I am very interested in front end technologies. JavaScript has been one of the languages I have used more to perform security assessments on web application and I think it is a great language to learn, it can help anyone develop good programming.

For me programming is a way to create and to be creative. I have experimented feeling of excitement when I am able to solve a problem through a program, and those feelings of existent have been greater when I have seen other use the program I created or I help to create to make their live easier, so far I have had the opportunity to do programming in some languages such as c, java, shell, JavaScript, and HTML. I have decided to create this website to initially share my knowledge about JavaScript to help those who want to learn to actually learn this things